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Bio-checker Skal

European organic and general labelling legislation impose requirements on visible characteristics that are, for example, on a label of an organic product or on the proof of transport of a load of organic products. How do you know whether you are using the correct mandatory features and whether the feature is also visually well presented?

The Skal Biocontrole bio-checker will guide you through these mandatory features. You immediately check and see which features are compulsory, with the corresponding substantiation.


Position paper on the Management of Pesticide residues in Organic products

With this paper IFOAM aims to propose a harmonized approach to the management of residue cases under the relevant rules set by the EU Organic Regulation by operators and by control bodies/authorities. You can find the paper here.


On EU Policy

Find more information about the EU policies that affect the Organic business. Varying from the Green Deal to the From farm to Fork-strategy.

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On Case Law

Are you interested in EU case law on Organic Regulation? Please choose your Regulation, go to "Document Information" (left side menu), and scroll down for "Affected by case" to find the related EU Case law!

As the new Organic Regulation will be applicable as of January 1, 2022 - there is currently no case law yet.


On IFOAM Organics Europe

IFOAM Organics Europe is the European umbrella organisation for organic food and farming. We represent organic in European policymaking and advocate for a transformation of food and farming. 


On the SKAL Foundation

Skal Biocontrole is the independent organization that monitors the organic chain in the Netherlands. They are both a CB and the supervisory authority in The Netherlands and have a useful website on the New Organic Regulation filled with relevant info. 


The BioBorrel

The BioBorrel is a network group organising regular drinks and events for anyone involved in the organic sector. From processors to retailers. From farmer to interested layman. The BioBorrel aims to make our food more sustainable and basically takes place every season.

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Aims & Goals of EU Organic Food Law

"In view of the objectives of the Union’s organic production policy, the legal framework established for implementing that policy should aim at ensuring fair competition and the proper functioning of the internal market in organic products, at maintaining and justifying consumer confidence in products labelled as organic, and at providing conditions under which the policy can progress in line with production and market developments."

New Organic Regulation (EU) 848/2018