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The European Organic legislative system has the New Organic Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2018/848) at its core and is (currently) further formed by two Commission Implementing Regulations, eight Commission Delegated Regulations, and several Commission Guidelines and Organic Trade Agreements. Find it all together in one spot!

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EU Organic Food Law Handbook

A Handbook on EU Organic Food Law is coming soon! Focussed on the New Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848 - product, process and presentation - From decertification procedures, to animal welfare. And from organic beekeeping to farming. It will all be covered. Let us know you're interested and we'll let you know once it's out!

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State of affairs on organic legislation

On June 7th, 2022, VMT is hosting the annual Food Law Event. This annual meeting focuses on the exchange of knowledge in the field of food law in the food chain, and provides an opportunity for networking. Amongst other widely covered topics one of the break-out sessions will be on the state of affairs on organic legislation.

Much has changed recently in the legislation for the organics sector. On January 1, 2022, the new Organic Regulation has entered into force. This regulation contains the main rules for the production, processing, trade and labelling of organic products in the European Union (“EU”). Another key change is the proposal of the European Commission to get 25% of agriculture organic, as part of the Green Deal.

These recent changes have increased the importance of familiarity with these rules, for anyone involved in organic production, processes or products.

During the upcoming Food Law Event on June 7th Van Traa’s Food and Agriculture lawyer Silvia Gawronski, and Marian Blom, Organic regulation officer and project manager at Bionext, give an overview of the new organic legislation, what it entails and how best to deal with it. Arjon Kalter, founder of Rwenzori Premium Vanilla, importer of organic vanilla, talks about his experiences with organic legislation from an industry perspective.

What is bio? Where does it come from? What primary and secondary organic legislation applies? What are the major changes in the EU rules for production and labelling of organic products? What are key factors to keep in mind from an industry perspective, and what is the importance of quality assurance, are some of the topics to be covered by these key speakers.

Learn more about these and many more topics at the Food Law Event on June 7 (in Dutch)