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Use of the Bio-label

In addition to the general labeling rules that exist for all food products, additional rules apply to labeling of organic products and raw materials based on the new Bio Regulation. The rules on the mandatory and optional use of the Bio logo and designation "organic" are not new. It was and still is prohibited to advertise a product as organic, if the product does not comply with the European rules. But the labeling rules are being clarified with the entry into force of the new Organic Regulation.


The rules on 'Labelling' of the new organic regulation apply to all statements, indications, trademarks, trade names, pictures or signs concerning a product on packaging, documents, signs, labels, rings or bands that accompany or refer to that product. The rules therefore cover more than just the label of the product.

Use of bio(logical), eco(logical) and organic

If products, their ingredients or feed materials used in their production are described in the labelling, advertising or commercial documents in terms that give the purchaser the impression that the products, ingredients or feed materials have been produced in accordance with the new organic Regulation, then they must also comply with the new organic Regulation.

In particular, words such as organic, organic or ecological, derivatives or diminutives thereof, such as "bio" and "eco", are only permitted if the product is actually organic. In view of the broad definition of 'labeling', this also applies to company names and trade names. These terms may be used on the ingredients list, for example: [Water, sugar (organic), apple, raisins (organic)] or in the sales description if the processed ingredients are at least 95% organic and meet the requirements of Annex II Part IV (these are production rules for processed food of the new Organic Regulation). Then again, the Bio logo may not be used.

Similar requirements apply to animal feed. If certain substances, such as plant protection products, fertilizers or soil improvers are allowed to be used in organic farming, then the labels of those products may also refer to them.