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Additional labelling requirements in the new organic regulation


In addition to the general labelling rules that apply to all foodstuffs, the new organic regulation provides for additional labelling rules for organic products and raw materials. The rules on the mandatory and optional use of the organic logo and designation "organic" are discussed in separate blogs. Below are the rules for mandatory labelling.

Mandatory labelling

Besides the use of the organic designation and the organic logo, the new organic regulation also prescribes a number of compulsory indications to be found on the label. The most important of these are

The code number of the control authority or control body to which the operator who carried out the last production or preparation operation is subject;

Where the organic logo is used for organic production of the EU, the place where the agricultural raw materials of which the product is composed have been farmed in one of the following forms shall be indicated in the same visual field as the organic logo:

(a) 'EU Agriculture', where the agricultural raw material has been farmed in the Union

(b) 'non-EU Agriculture', where the agricultural raw materials have been farmed in third countries

(c) 'EU/non-EU Agriculture', where part of the agricultural raw materials has been farmed in the Union and a part of it has been farmed in a third country.

The terms 'EU' or 'non-EU' may not be displayed in a colour, size and typeface more prominent than the name of the product.

The indications must be displayed in a conspicuous and clearly visible place. It is also expected that there will be practical implementing rules on the use, presentation and size of the indications.